A Doll Artisan Blog?

Greetings Doll Artisans!

It seems people around the world seem to gravitate to this blogging thing. I have no idea what I am doing but I thought I might give it a try. Our doll world is shrinking and connecting with absolutely anyone who finds it fun to be creative and sees the art in porcelain dolls, well then I think it will be worth the time and we’ll get along just fine!

I totally get that dolls have gotten a bad reputation. The media picks it up and runs with it. Creepy dolls – they say. My own children appreciate the art but are not fans. My grandchildren are not so interested either. (Except there seems to be some hope when it comes to American Girl dolls.)

Nevermind! I am still blown away by an antique Bru, swoon for Steiners and giggle at Googlies. Dianna Effner’s modern dolls are delightful and meticulous Dimensional Doll Painting (DDP) on any modern doll is an art unto itself. Which brings me to this point…most people have no clue how a porcelain doll is made.  Yes, it’s true that many just don’t care.  They have no idea that we are casting porcelain slip, searching for proper glass eyes or sewing fabulous costumes. Or maybe some dollmakers are focused on simply sewing for french fashion dolls and others are making fabulous mohair wigs or the tiniest little leather shoes.  But I DO care! And I’m pretty sure there are more of you out there just like me.

So I plan to figure out this blog thing. New Year’s resolution and all that. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey where we share ideas, help one another while keeping it happy and fun.

Happy dollmaking!


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